The Shelter Island Deer and Tick committee is committed to making sound recommendations to the Shelter Island Town Supervisor and Board concerning white-tailed deer density, tick density, and the human incidence of tick-borne diseases. The committee strongly supports both the 4-poster program and culling efforts that bring deer density levels to 8-10 deer per square mile, as recommended by the NYSDEC. The strategies that are being recommended by the committee are based strictly upon current knowledge and research. The committee feels that a multi-pronged approach aimed at reducing both deer density and tick density is essential for Shelter Island. In every study, one thing is clear, the risk of becoming infected with a tick-borne disease is directly related to the density of deer; the higher the density, the greater the risk of infection. 

Committee members are volunteers appointed by the Town Board.

Michael Scheibel - Chairperson
Henry Amann
Scott Campbell PhD
Charles Tiernan
Marc Wein
Craig Wood
Amanda Gutiw - Secretary